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Chatons are teeny-weeny itty-bitty rhinestones, perfect for use with our Crystal Clay!

Swarovski Elements Chaton - 9pp

 ~ approximately 1.5mm

Swarovski Elements Chaton - 31pp

 ~ approximately 4mm

Swarovski Elements Chaton - 14pp

 ~ approximately 2mm

Swarovski Elements Chaton - 29ss

 ~ approximately 6mm

Swarovski Elements Chaton - 24pp

~ approximately 3mm

Swarovski Elements Chaton - 39ss

~approximately 8mm

Crystal Katana Crystal Katana
Product ID: CN-KTAN
Improve your "blinging" skills!
This "Patent Pending" Crystal Katana by CrystalNinja was created by award winning Flatback Specialist and master user, Kellie DeFries and proven to shave time off the process of hand setting-gluing Swarovski Flatbacks, ss12-ss40.

Do you use regular beeswax - but it's too soft, and leaves residue? Tweezers cramp your hands and fling crystals across the room? Do other china markers/grease pens break, chip, and leave extra residue on crystals? Have you noticed the taller, sharper table facet of the gorgeous #2058 Swarovski Elements shredding other pickers and tips to smithereens?

Kellie noticed, too. Her answer to this madness, the Patent Pending, Crystal Katana.

Please see a video tutorial on her YouTube Channel!

Price: $28.95

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Crystal Tånto Crystal Tånto
Product ID: CN-TANTO

Looking for a smaller tip or starter rhinestone, pick-up tool? The Crystal Tånto is a scaled down version of Kellie's patented Crystal Katana.

Comfortable pen shape, comes with 6 small wax tips. Use up a tip, simply remove it from the top and insert in the bottom to reveal the new tip. Easy!

Price: $14.95

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